Imagination Spectrum

Where do you fall on the Imagination Spectrum?

Imagination Spectrum is a place for people to discover the power and uniqueness of their invisible differences.


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Join 2,500 people using their imagination to thrive in their life and work.

How it works

Imagination Spectrum quantifies our invisible differences starting with how vividly you imagine, and provides personalized reports to help unlock your true potential.

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    Take the assessmet

    During this 12 minute imagination test you will be presented with five scenarios and asked about how vividly you imagine:

    1. Images
    2. Sounds
    3. Movement
    4. Smells
    5. Taste
    6. Touch
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    Get Your Personalized Results

    Receive a snapshot of your unique imagery profile to see how vivid your sensory imagination is across the different senses.

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      Explore the reports

      Your customized Imagination Spectrum reports will give you "aha" moments as you experience new ways to understand your imagination and how it can impact your life, work and well-being.

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        Compare with family and friends

        Invite your friends, family and team members to compare. Use these comparisons to discuss the unique variations in how we imagine and what this means for how we create, dream, solve.

        Imagination Assessment

        Discover the power and uniqueness of your imagination

        What's included

        • Premiere imagination test

        • Imagery profile snapshot

        • Personalized reports

        • Additional assessments and analysis

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